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Benzinga - Standards Announcement

What is Aviation Waste?

Planet Action Group Kicks Off with our own Anne De Hauw

The Industry Needs Waste Management Standards

IAWMA joins the World Tourism Organization

The Need for Airlines to Reduce Food Waste Onboard

Aviation Industry  Must Include New International Waste Rules

Cabin Waste Is A Green Economy Opportunity

Industry First Cabin Waste Advocacy Campaign

Sustainable Onboard Solutions – How They Can Support The Recovery

First Global Independent Cabin Waste Study

Announcement on the Global Tourism Plastic Initiative

IAWMA Board Members Propose Standard Development

Anne De Hauw & IN Air Travel Experience Joins the IAWMA

Gerry Bruno Joins the IAWMA Advisory Board

GeneraCycle Selected for Global Research

Webinar: Direction Of Travel: Flying More Sustainably

IAWMA Reaches 500 Followers on LinkedIn

Resource Recovery in a Post-COVID-19 Pathogen World

Gregoire James from the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) details the negative impacts safety measures against COVID-19 may have on the environment and asks what will waste-resource recovery look like in the future?

International Airport Review

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